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Format Javascript

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FormatJavascript is an online tool to transform the minified Javascript to nicely formatted and indented Javascript. The online tool can be used to decompress Javascript that was compressed using various compression algorithm such as Js Minifier Obfuscator, Microsoft Ajax Minifier, YUI Compressor, JSMIN, Google Closure Minifier etc. The tool does not convert it to original form though. It format the minified Javascript to make it more readable for human eye.

This Javascript beautifier tool is designed such a way that it supports most of the popular browser. The simple test that this is working could be performed on minified JQuery. JQuery is been used by most of the website developer to power their websites. The minified JQuery can be decompress with the FormatJavascript tool here for easy readability.

If you see any issue with the site or want to report a bug then please drop in your message with the script that you want to decompress here